• Embracing the Next Generation of QEDians

    2020 has been challenging for many reasons, but one silver lining is QED’s growth around the globe. We recently announced our expansion to Southeast Asia, led by Sandeep Patil. Now we are thrilled to share the story of three more additions to the QED team – Ana Cristina Gadala-Maria, Adams Conrad , and Camila Key […]

  • QED Welcomes Sandeep Patil to its Roster of Investors

    QED has seen immense change over the past few years and has blossomed into one of the premier boutique fintech VCs in the world. This is in large part thanks to our terrific team of investors – all former operators – and the values we have held near and dear — authenticity, transparency, pragmatism, solution-oriented, […]

  • Tom Brown reflects on Capital One’s unique vision…

    The vision that Capital One founders Nigel Morris and Rich Fairbank had back in the late 1980s was that there was a better way to price credit card lending than the one-size-fits-all approach used by the large players at the time. Read Tom Brown’s reflections on the early days here: TOM BROWN’S BANKING WEEKLY

  • The End of the Beginning…

    We are elated to announce that we have raised our 6th fund with $350 million in committed capital. This will allow QED to continue to do what we do best – invest in disruptive fintech business models, solving real problems, led by relentless, audacious, customer-centric founders. Continue reading here.