• Solving Challenging Problems

    Like most children growing up in the 80s, one of Frank Rotman’s goals was to be able to solve the Rubik’s Cube. The lessons learned in trying to beat the Cube apply to the startup world as well… read on!

  • How to Make Bad Decisions – and Not Get Fired

    After shaking things up in the banking ecosystem with his last post, QED’s Frank Rotman tackles another topic that’s becoming more and more true in the banking world: how to make bad decisions and not get fired.

  • But We Have a Relationship!

    Just about every conversation about the future of banking steers into the territory of “relationship banking.” In his latest blog, Frank Rotman delves into what really constitutes relationship banking and lays out an emerging new banking model. Read all about it here.  

  • The Importance of Defining a Good Day

    What defines a good day for you? Here’s Frank Rotman’s take on that elusive metric.