• Why QED Chose to Invest in London

    So, why did one of the leading fintech funds in the US and Lat Am, (we say with all the humilty in the world…) having invested in six out of the top ten fintech unicorns in America, choose to open an office in the UK in the midst of all the Brexit noise and drama? […]

  • Solving Challenging Problems

    Like most children growing up in the 80s, one of Frank Rotman’s goals was to be able to solve the Rubik’s Cube. The lessons learned in trying to beat the Cube apply to the startup world as well… read on!

  • QED Quarterly Newsletter | Issue 3, Summer 2019

    We’ve had a busy and productive last few months and we have much news to share! We’ve experienced some unbearable sadness and some exciting wins. Keep in touch with us, celebrate our portfolio companies’ success, and read the QED news, here.

  • How to Make Bad Decisions – and Not Get Fired

    After shaking things up in the banking ecosystem with his last post, QED’s Frank Rotman tackles another topic that’s becoming more and more true in the banking world: how to make bad decisions and not get fired.