Why does VC exist?

Frank Rotman has a new blog post up - the first in a series! - re-examining the first principles of Venture Capital - "Ramblings About Venture Investing - Part 1"... Read more

Chip and a chair

Frank's new blog post on Fintech Junkie compares the never-say-die attitudes of poker players and startup founders. Read more at Fintech Junkie. Read more

Community Banking in a Digital World

Amias Gerety, Partner It’s easy to blame all of the banking ecosystem’s problems on increased regulatory scrutiny and capital requirements, but there is another profound shift occurring that can’t be... Read more

QED Quarterly – Issue 1, Autumn 2018

A note from Nigel Morris, Managing Partner QED Investors partners, companies, and friends: I'm excited to share our first QED Quarterly, a newsletter featuring news on QED Investors and our... Read more

Broken isn’t always bad

In his latest blog post, Frank gets more personal and talks about dealing with some of his own shortcomings. He discusses overcoming his flaws, and relates those experiences to dealing... Read more

Three is a magic number

In his latest post, Frank discusses the three critical aspects of the perfect business model -  product, pricing, and channel - in the context of Wagestream, a company that QED... Read more

The QED Matrix

The QED Matrix is a framework for different models of financial services institutions, first presented by Nigel Morris in a keynote speech at LendIt USA 2017. The matrix reflects trade-offs... Read more