• But We Have a Relationship!

    Just about every conversation about the future of banking steers into the territory of “relationship banking.” In his latest blog, Frank Rotman delves into what really constitutes relationship banking and lays out an emerging new banking model. Read all about it here.  

  • The Importance of Defining a Good Day

    What defines a good day for you? Here’s Frank Rotman’s take on that elusive metric.

  • Getting to Great

    Frank Rotman has a new blog post up – the last in his series where he re-examines the first principles of Venture Capital – “Ramblings About Venture Investing – Part 3.” Frank re-examines his own adage on Great and Good businesses and whether a business that goes from Bad to Great can be a smart […]

  • Thoughts from a Redeye

    Read Frank’s latest blog on the time he spent at the LendIt Fintech conference, including coverage of the white paper QED Investors launched there. Read more here